Rene Reiter started to play at the end of 2000 and after winning a DJ competition in 2002, he becames a residency at the legendary „Cave Club" (till closing 2009) in Salzburg and started his "Bodyhammer-Partys“ there. as a big part of the party scene in austria he took part for 3 times at the Unite Parade with his own truck and is now arranging the Collabs Partys with the Club Sakog.
The first release of his own Vinyllabel Carbon Audio Records (hard Techno - Acidtechno) was 2009 and from 2015 it is distributed & published by Flatlife Records and Triplevision.
From 2008 till now released on labels like Pro Techno, Scythe Squadron, Polymeric, Guild,Braingravy, SUF Projects,Viral Outbreak, Skuxx, Soundattack, Noradrenalin, Ak Recordings, Aktivists just to name a few. His second Vinyllabel Collabs Records (Techno - hard Techno) started to release on 29.01.2016 and is still aviable to order at Triplevision